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Published on March 21, 2018

True Custom Mixing for Silicone Elastomers

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The updated portal is a great source for information about silicone capabilities from HEXPOL, silicone solutions, industries and applications ideal for silicone elastomers, as well as silicone characteristics and properties. 

HEXPOL is re-introducing true custom mixing for silicone rubber compounds, providing dedicated resources, equipment, and custom recipe development with the right properties for every application. 

Available on multiple technology platforms, the website can be accessed and viewed on PCs, smart phones and tablets. The portal also features a Resources tab that enables users to view and/or download:

• Silicone-specific files in various formats, including HEXPOL Silicone brochures, Power Points, white papers, ads, and press releases.

• General HEXPOL Compounding resources such as rubber compounding, performance additives, and industrial rolls, to name a few. 

Access to four other HEXPOL portals with valuable information and resources is just a click away: 

• HEXPOL Compounding - Kennedale, TX: The Perfect Roll Model for the Roller Industry,

HEXPOL Kennedale has thousands of off-the-shelf roller compounds for an array of applications and industries. The portal also features a video that addresses the comprehensive testing capabilities to ensure the highest quality compounds. (

• Continuous Process Improvement (CPI): Elastomer compound development isn’t only about cost per pound; it’s about quality and value. HEXPOL’s CPI model, with eight powerful components, helps us collaborate with customers to measure and improve their process quality, productivity, and performance – delivering operational, supply chain, strategic, and financial benefits. (

• HEXPOL Mexico: Serving the OEM and auto production corridor in Mexico since 2000, HEXPOL has been in operation in Mexico longer than any other rubber compounder. Visit this portal to get information about our two campuses in Queretaro and Aguascalientes. Continued investments help us meet the needs of our automotive and engineering customers, as well as new opportunities in the mining and energy markets. (

• Performance Additives: Learn about HEXPOL’s industry leading range of performance additives, a palette of color concentrates, productivity enhancing pre-dispersed chemicals, and master-batch products. This portal website features powerful and easy-to-use performance additive and color selector tools, including product descriptions and color swatches. (

• HEXPOL Automotive: HEXPOL rubber compounding benefits automakers around the globe. HEXPOL materials are used for both the exterior body and internal passenger cabin of today's automobile, contributing to improved style and aesthetics, toughness and safety, as well as driving comfort by reducing vibration and noise. A cutaway is feature on the site that shows the various applications where HEXPOL compounds are used such as constant velocity joint boots, to engine seals and transmission seals and gaskets, brake parts and many more. Learn more about the capabilities of HEXPOL rubber in the automotive industry through the interactive automotive application on the website. (

For information about all of HEXPOL’s products and services, visit


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