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Published on April 3, 2018

HEXPOL Silicone is Looking to the Future

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HEXPOL Silicone Compounding has just emerged from one of the best years on record yet. HEXPOL is dedicated to focusing on today and the future. Careful planning and timely expansion have positioned HEXPOL Silicone's dedicated facility in Mogadore, OH to meet the growing demands of the market.

Focusing on the needs of customers is in the HEXPOL DNA, in order to keep up with customer there have been improvements made. These improvements include a capacity increase by adding more members to the silicone team; in adding more members HEXPOL is able to better anticipate the needs of customers and the silicone market. Testing and production improvements have also taken place over the past months. Pairing these improvements with the technical expertise and industry knowledge of the HEXPOL team has enabled the company to exceed goals. 

HEXPOL Silicone Compounding offers:

  • HCR Silicone, Fluorosilicone, and all Types of Silicone/EPDM Compounds
  • Formulary with Hundreds of Compounds for Multiple Silicone Applications
  • An Array of Physical Forms: Continuous Strips or Slabs, Preforms and Pigs-Rolls
  • Silicones Pigmented to Almost any Color, Including Black, from Translucent to Opaque
  • Strategic Raw Material Sources and Purchasing Relationships
  • Compounds that Meet Typical Silicone Specifications & Standards

We gather information that helps deliver the right silicone solution, such as:

  • Specification/Physical Requirements – Characteristics such as hardness, color, tensile, elongation, conductivity, high and low temperature limits, and fluid resistance; as well as specifications (e.g., military, automotive) and industry standards.
  • Customer Process for Curing – Injection, compression, extrusion, etc., as well at process parameters such as time, temperature and line speed.
  • Physical Forms of Compounded Shape – Continuous strips or slabs, preforms and pigs-rolls.
  • Application –What will the part be used for?

HEXPOL has also been able to leverage their heritage in organic rubber compounding, defined by industry-leading innovation, to provide comprehensive silicone rubber products and services. In addition to custom mixing and performance additives, HEXPOL has a product line of standard silicone compounds.

HEXPOL Silicone will be at the International Silicone Conference (link to the conference page "International Silicone Conference") April 10-11, be sure to visit booth 8 to talk about our dedicated facility in Mogadore Ohio. Ray Hetherington is also presenting "Proper Use of Silicone Compounds in Demanding Applications" at 8:30 AM on Wednesday, April 11.

Learn more about HEXPOL Silicone Compounding by visiting the website:

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