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Published on July 2, 2018

Rubber in Transportation and Tire

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HEXPOL formulation development and mixing capabilities help ensure optimum rubber products for cars, trucks, mass transit, rail, and aircraft. Major transportation manufacturers have their own standards. HEXPOL has the speed and flexibility to stay current with OEM requirements. We provide formulation development to specification for hoses, belts, seals, gaskets, vibration mounts, grommets, and more.

Because of an almost limitless range of properties – whether rubber, silicone, TPE or thermoplastics – HEXPOL compounds deliver easier processing, light-weight parts, increased performance, and durability in extreme environments. Compounds provide seals, reduce vibration, insulate, and protect against the heat generated by smaller engines with more power

As a leading developer and manufacturer of advanced, high-quality compounds, our integrated approach to recipe development and mixing considers customer processes, technical specifications, cost effectiveness, and raw materials. Our family of compounded products includes:

  • Rubber – HEXPOL can mix an assortment of rubber polymer types, including natural rubber, EPDM, SBR, NBR and FKM to name a few.
  • Silicone – We have a line of standard silicone compounds, including HCR, fluorosilicones, and silicone/EPDM compounds.
  • TPE – Our TPE products combine the performance of thermoset rubbers with the processing ease of plastics. TPEs are formulated to have excellent color capabilities and are weather and UV resistant.
  • Performance Additives – HEXPOL has a comprehensive line of custom and standardized productivity enhancing products, including heat additives, UV stabilizers, flame-retardants and friction modifiers, as well as color concentrates.
  • Thermoplastic Olefin (Polyolefin) – Polymers consisting of thermoplastic and filler such as glass or carbon-fiber reinforced. TPO is used extensively in the auto industry.
  • Nylon (polyamide) – These resins are often used to make parts that replace metals in applications that require high temperature resistance, such as automotive powertrains.

Compounded components are used for the body, chassis, and powertrain of every car that comes off the assembly line.

Auto Body – HEXPOL materials are used for both the exterior body and internal passenger cabin of today’s automobiles, contributing to improved style and aesthetics, toughness and safety, as well as driving comfort by reducing vibration and noise.

  • Rubber: Floor mats, windshield washer hose, glass run channel, electrical grommets
  • Silicone: Wiper blades, headlamp seals, electrical components
  • TPE: Cup holder gaskets and mats, wheel-arch liners, trunk liners, soft touch levers and switches
  • TP: Intake manifolds, fan blades, engine covers
  • TPO: Headlamp housings, HVAC components, grille-opening reinforcements, interior trim

– HEXPOL products are excellent for chassis suspension components because of their durability, resistance to grease, performance in a broad temperature range, and flexibility. Example applications include:

  • Rubber: Suspension bushings, CV Joint boots, brake hose
  • Silicone: Muffler hangers, tire pressure sensors, shock absorption components
  • TPE: Brake hose isolators

Powertrain Components 
– HEXPOL formulations are incorporated into many of the rubber parts of an auto’s powertrain system. Our compounds provide properties necessary to perform with higher engine temperatures; resist oil, coolants, and contaminates; contribute to lighter parts for increased fuel efficiency and reduced engine emissions.

  • Rubber:Fuel hose, spark plug wires, air induction ducts, engine-sealing gaskets
  • Silicone: Spark plug boots, diaphragms, engine gaskets, turbocharger hose
  • TPE: Air induction seals
  • TP: Engine covers, radiator components, fans, water valves
  • TPO: Fan shrouds, carbon canisters, air induction, battery trays

Another popular rubber application in transportation is in the tire industry. Tires offer a gripping surface for traction on the road and serve as a cushion for the vehicle. Natural Rubber is the main material in manufacturing tires in order to develop the proper characteristics:

  • Resiliency
  • Wear Resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Tensile

HEXPOL offers a variety of materials for the Transportation and Tire industries, iIf you would like to learn more about the automotive industry, or the products we have to offer, visit our automotive brand portal: or visit our corporate

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